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Childcare providers updating our Family Information Directory - open or closed?

We've created information for parents on the impact of coronavirus on childcare provision

We’ve used information collected from childcare providers to create a filter to our Family Information Directory so these parents can easily find childcare if they can’t safely care for their children at home and their usual setting isn’t open.  

How to notify us of changes
You can quickly update directory records with your open or closed status by completing the relevant form


If your situation changes, you can re-submit another form. 


Other directory changes

We’ve created this form as a quick way for you to update us. If you have further changes to your childcare record, please use the normal Synergy Online forms.

If you’re not listed on the directory, it’s because you have requested to be non-public. If you now want to appear on the directory, you’ll need to complete the directory update form in Synergy Online and complete the form above to advise of your open/closed status.  


If you have any questions email familyinfo@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk or call 01305 221066. 

23 Mar 2020

Tina Ironside
Family Information Service
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