Happy Families, Happy Futures: Working Together for Stronger Relationships.

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Supporting parent relationships for better outcomes for children and young people


Now accepting referrals from Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole, Devon, Dorset, Plymouth, Torbay, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Are you supporting a family who are struggling with their relationships?

The Happy Families, Happy Futures programme is designed to improve communication and ease tension between parents or carers, supporting a happy environment for their children.

The support is available for parents who are in a relationship or separated and includes step-parents, adoptive parents and those who have caring responsibilities for children, e.g. grandparents and other individuals where there is a Residence Order. Expecting parents who are separated can also access support.

We offer 4 types of interventions depending on the family’s individual circumstances:

Family Transitions Triple P is for:
* separated parents or those going through divorce/separation 
* expecting parents

 Incredible Years Advance is for:
* parents in a relationship
* parents with a child aged 4 – 12 years

 Within My Reach is for:
* separated parents
* expecting parents 

Family Check-Up – Available from August 2019 – is for:
 * parents in a relationship and separated parents
* parents with children aged 2 – 17 years

If you require further information please contact Jenny and Kathryn, Referral Gateway Team
on 01305 228460 or HappyFamiliesHappyFutures@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk


Happy Families, Happy Futures Further Information

The 'factsheet for front line practitioners' gives an overview of the provision including eligibility, how to refer and the interventions available. The 'answers to your questions' gives answers to frequently asked questions.

Additional Sources of Support

If from your discussion with the parent you have concerns regarding domestic abuse the Happy Families, Happy Futures programme would not be suitable. These links are for sources of support within your local area and resources for assessing harmful conflict.
Please print this form and complete, then scan and upload it with the RSQ. Please ensure it is signed by both the parent and the practitioner.
Four questionnaires for parents to complete with support from a practitioner to determine the level of parental relationship distress. This will enable the practitioner to refer to Happy Families, Happy Futures support programme. Please ensure that where both parents are being referred they complete the same type of RSQ as each other.
Upload the Excel RSQ and Participation Agreement to the Referral Gateway Team for processing. Please ensure the RSQ is uploaded in Excel format, and not as a PDF or other file format. The Participation Agreement should be scanned and uploaded, once signed by both the parent and the practitioner.
If the outcome of the RSQ is low the parent will not be eligible for the Happy Families, Happy Futures support as it is not suitable. The following links give signposting advice for other sources of support within your local area.